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Sujet Do I Need Different SSL Certificate for WWW & Non?
Message envoyé le 06-12-2020 par teddy25 (Canada)  
Do I Need Different SSL Certificate for WWW & Non-WWW Domains?

Message envoyé le 08-12-2020 par jackobe (Madagascar)  
Only ONe certificate is needed.

Message envoyé le 21-01-2021 par Benoit.Castel (Canada)  
Yes, be aware!

I used to buy Rapid SSL for my websites recently I ordered a certificate for two years same as usual but at my surprise the name has changed from "RapidSSL RSA CA" to "RapiSSL TLS DV RSA" and it did not have "www" in "subject alternative name" and it was not working with www anymore! waist of time and money I will never order again an SSL certificate from Geotrust or Digicert!

I tried the Comodo Sectigo and it works for both www and raw for now. Hope it will not be remove on my next buy.

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