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Sujet How much to Wrap car?
Message envoyé le 26-06-2020 par Lianot de États-Unis  
Im so torn about Niko lol...he is nice and my hood looks great however I did need to get the vinyl myself which was a pain in the @$$ because he was unable to find a supplier for it.

Message envoyé le 27-06-2020 par Darla de Canada  
the price all depends on the material used, carbon is usually quite expensive from 3m, any high gloss metallic or sparkle finishes, also expensive, avoid shops who do tons of commercial work, commercial wraps is on a different level then shops who do a lot of colour changes, including the door jams etc.. thats the difference between someone who wraps and someone who is good at it, and finally.. don't go for the cheapest... you will get cheap vinyl or cheap skills, and with both of those comes lifting and bubbling... which I've seen quite a few times in this industry!

Message envoyé le 27-06-2020 par soveve de Canada  
I pasted my car paint protection film The film is of high quality and I liked it. The guys did everything quickly, efficiently, on time and for a reasonable price.

Message envoyé le 29-06-2020 par Lianot de États-Unis  
thanks for the info

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