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Sujet How can I rid my cat of fleas?
Message envoyé le 27-06-2020 par soveve de Canada  
How can I rid my cat of fleas?

Message envoyé le 28-06-2020 par soveve de Canada  
The presence of fleas in a cat is not only an annoying host pet scratching, but a possible cause of a serious illness of the animal. Combing from insect bites can lead to infection of wounds by pathogenic microflora. In addition, the cat may show an allergic reaction, accompanied by severe itching, swelling and fever.

Message envoyé le 30-06-2020 par Lianot de États-Unis  
If the cat is worried about itching, but you have not found traces of parasites, contact your veterinarian. Most likely, the pet has a dermatological disease.

Message envoyé le 01-07-2020 par Lianot de États-Unis  
Well, how did you find a solution?

Message envoyé le 01-07-2020 par Darla de Canada  
I recommend you buy one of the Best Cats Flea Collar keep in mind that according to the principle of action, all existing flea collars for cats can be divided into 3 large groups. Insecticidal (killing parasites) Such collars are saturated with a substance that adversely affects the vital activity of ticks and insects. They can cause the death of adults, as well as disrupt the development of larvae. Frightening (biological, natural) Such collars are saturated with natural substances that do not harm insects, but scare them away from the cat. If you put a product on an animal that is already infected with fleas, you usually don’t have to wait for a miraculous effect - first you need to destroy the insects, and then take preventive measures to avoid relapse. Ultrasonic This is the rarest and most expensive type of product. The principle of operation of the collar is based on the emission of electromagnetic waves.

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